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Top definition. Free Thinker. Usually associated with non-conformists Very few people in this world have realized that they have access to and the ability to perform independent thought. While everyone has the ability, only the free thinker uses it, because he knows what he wants. Arvy July 02, Aug 18 Word of the Day. Are they a girl or a boy?

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In her thinking she was ahead of her time to an extraordinary degree. She married William Godwin, an atheist and free-thinker who shared her outlook on life.

Humanism is a view of life that combines reason with compassion. It is based on a concern for humanity in general, and for human individuals in particular. It is for people who base their interpretation of existence on the evidence of the natural world and its evolution, and not on belief in the supernatural theistic god, miracles, afterlife, revealed morality etc.

Humanism continues a tradition which has existed for over 2, years and still flourishes today. It is an active, positive philosophy in its own right and more than a reaction to religion. A Humanist believes that the happiness of individuals and of humankind depends on people, rather than on religion and dogma. We tend to be free-thinkers who aspire to a progressive, compassionate world free from religious privilege, discrimination and intolerance. We are guided by practical, scientific and technical understanding for the benefit all people everywhere, now and in the future.

Humanism is a general personal life stance, not a religion. It is flexible in its interpretations, but those who prefer a more formal definition can refer to the Amsterdam Declaration of You can also read the Amsterdam Declaration as Gaeilge. Read further. This figure has increased more than four-fold in twenty years.


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Meet other freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, nonbelievers, and humanists in the greater Sacramento area. We gather to discuss beliefs and.

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Black Freethinkers argues that, contrary to historical and popular depictions of African Americans as naturally religious, freethought has been central to black political and intellectual life from the nineteenth century to the present. Freethought encompasses many different schools of thought, including atheism, agnosticism, and nontraditional orientations such as deism and paganism.

Christopher Cameron suggests an alternative origin of nonbelief and religious skepticism in America, namely the brutality of the institution of slavery.

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The former are associated with the Secularist movement—also known as the Freethought movement—but are specifically dedicated to challenging oppressive constructions of womanhood in their critique of Christianity. She first gives the reader a detailed backdrop of the Freethought movement, its development and impact, materialist philosophy, and the popular debates in which Freethinkers in general were involved. The examples of women involved in the Freethought movement provide evidence for a strong female Freethinking tradition, explore their impact on the movement as a whole, and locate their discourse in the wider context of the Secularist movement.

Schwartz argues that the Secularist ideology of the Freethought movement posed some problems for its feminist members. While it provided women the chance to become independent agents within the public sphere, it also imposed an end point upon their stories by presenting their counter-conversion as the ultimate solution to their predicament. This foreclosed the possibility of Freethinking feminists expressing their problems within the Secularist movement.

Accordingly, the third and fourth chapters trace the stories of female Freethinkers after they have joined the male-dominated Freethought movement, to disclose how they negotiated prominent roles in the movement and eventually generated a challenge to the gendered understandings of reason and faith. This anti-religious viewpoint allowed them to look at environmental factors, rather than God-given innate characteristics, as the cause of sexual difference.

They argued that Christianity was hypocritical and accused the Christian proponents of Empire of not living up to a standard of enlightenment and civilisation that they claimed to bring to infidel nations. However, this did not completely set all Freethinkers apart from conventional thinking on gender, as their critique still slipped into misogynistic explanations of women as less rational, more ritualistic and emotional, and more susceptible to religious influence. Their support for a free discussion of ethical criteria in sexual matters was central to the renunciation of the moral authority of the Church.

Here, Schwartz illustrates how their advocacy of birth control laid grounds for the discussions of sexual freedom at the end of the nineteenth century.

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Each year 10 academics are selected to be New Generation Thinkers. They have the opportunity to attend training with both the BBC and the AHRC before embarking on a host of public engagement and media opportunities, not least with Radio 3. This pioneering public engagement scheme aims to develop a new generation of academics who can bring the best of university research and scholarly ideas to a broad audience through working with the media and public engagement.

Each year, up to 60 successful applicants have a chance to develop their media skills, including programme-making ideas with experienced BBC producers at a series of dedicated workshops. Of these up to 10 will become New Generation Thinkers and benefit from a series of unique opportunities such as media and public engagement training with the AHRC and developing their own programmes for BBC Radio 3 including a chance to regularly appear on air.

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In the view of freethinkers, the most pernicious gatekeepers were religious They included the venerable Boston Investigator, dating from ; the Truth.

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