Blood Red Shoes – Get Tragic

It’s the sort of music you want to listen to in a dimly lit room and let itwrap itself around you. I especially liked the haunting track ‘Beverly’. It’s a bit of a comeback album for the Brighton duo, made up of Carter and drummer Steven Ansell, after a temporary split following their fourth album. They had been relentlessly gigging off the back of their self-produced and self-titled record. The pair took a break – from each other. But fate brought them back together and they’ve returned with a ‘more melodic and synth-led sound’ than any of their records to date – and I like it. Published: , 10 January Updated: , 10 January

Blood Red Shoes – Get Tragic

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BRIGHTON duo Blood Red Shoes have announced a handful of intimate UK dates for in support of the release of their fifth album Get.

Ansell, who performed with Cat on Form, and Carter, a former member of Lady Muck, came together in late upon the demise of their previous bands. With one song in tow, the angsty duo landed a gig and Blood Red Shoes were born; the name is reminiscent of Ginger Rogers, who allegedly had to redo a tap dance scene so many times that her white dancing shoes ended up covered in blood. By , Carter and Ansell were finally ready to release their debut album, and Box of Secrets, which was produced by Mike Crossey Razorlight, Arctic Monkeys , appeared that April to generally strong reviews.

The duo re-teamed with Crossey for ‘s Fire Like This, which found Blood Red Shoes adopting a more stripped-down sound, and worked with the producer again two years later on In Time to Voices, a more expansive effort that embraced grunge, Americana, and shoegaze influences. In , Blood Red Shoes returned with their fourth studio album, an eponymous effort released on their own Jazz Life imprint. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Q&A: Blood Red Shoes

The best album by Blood Red Shoes is Box Of Secrets which is ranked number in the list of all-time albums with a total rank score of The tracks on this album have an average rating of 78 out of all tracks have been rated. You can include this album in your own chart from the My Charts page! Showing all 1 members who have this album in their collection. Showing latest 5 ratings for this album. Show all 10 ratings for this album.

The fact that Brighton-born rockers Blood Red Shoes were conceived as a two-​piece band has Stay up to date with the latest gear and tuition.

The synergy between the duo is pretty remarkable, as both members frequently trade between lead and backup vocals throughout the songs. Blood Red Shoes is a Brighton-based band from England, and have released four albums. This album, Box of Secrets, is their debut LP — and is mostly comprised of re-recorded singles that were previously released in limited supply. The result is a series of tracks blistering with energetic guitar and drum playing. You probably figured that out though. Neither of them try to outdo the other, and both members cooperate to go through the songs rather than switching back and forth between one instrument and another.

I like how they trade roles and set each other up for key moments in the song where both have to be at the top of their game to make the songs sound the way they should.

Blood Red Shoes – ‘Blood Red Shoes’

Consisting of Steven Ansell vocals and drums and Laura-Mary Carter vocals and guitar , they formed in Brighton, after their previous bands Cat On Form and Lady Muck respectively had broken up and they decided to “have a jam”. Their debut album Box Of Secrets was finally released in April on Mercury Records, where they were transferred to following the sale of V2 to Universal. Their second album Fire Like This was released on 1 March to critical acclaim. This website is a resource for event professionals and strives to provide the most comprehensive catalog of popular musicians and bands to consider for performances at corporate events, fundraising galas, or university events.

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The story of ‘ Get Tragic’ can be traced way back to the relentless gigging off the back of their self-produced and self-titled record, when the heels finally fell off of Blood Red Shoes at the end of that same year. The pair exhausted themselves to the point of collapse. Vocalist and guitarist Laura Mary-Carter packed her bags and bought a one-way flight to Los Angeles, a complete radio-silence between the two bandmates stretching on for months.

Classic break-up move, right? As a result, the pair come out the other side sounding fresher and more assured than ever. Regrouping once more and booking in some more sessions in Leeds, Steven took a phone call a few days before round two. Laura had broken her arm. The subsequent fallout and legal trouble financially crippled them both. As that period came to a close, Laura went through a romantic break-up that still visibly affects her. Leaving her unable to play guitar, it prompted the longtime-guitarist to pick up a keyboard, and sing more than she ever had before.

They decamped to L. I started to feel like all rock music around us was one shade of one colour. Every incident has fed into a record of defiance and self-acceptance. Your cart is empty It feels desperately alone Let’s shop.

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Blood Red Shoes are whipping up a storm at the moment on their latest UK tour It actually has our most punky tune to date on this record.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Post categories: Reviews. It is maddening to feel that you are selling yourself short. To know that you’re built for better than the reality you have provided for yourself. To look about you at the ordinary people living their ordinary lives in what appears to be a permanent state of contentment, and be aware that you, with your extra depth, intelligence and maturity, should not be among them.

Yet you are, and you’ve no-one to blame but yourself. Of course, if you needed a way to vent this frustration, you could do worse than write yourself a nice finger-pointing song about the despair of being forced to exist in a place which does not recognize or cater for your advanced needs. It’s going to have to be a particularly furious kind of song though. Your Mumford strum wouldn’t really get that small-town suffocation across – even though a lot of ye olde folke music comes from a very similar impulse, if you think about all of those songs about working and jobs.

Here’s the video. Utopia awaits!

Review: Blood Red Shoes – Blood Red Shoes (Album)

When Queen Kwong walks onstage, she is alone. She sings softly, beckoning everyone in the room closer, slowly building, and when her band take their place behind her, and Prehistoric Blues reaches its crescendo, she knocks them all back. Collapsing on her back, slamming the life out of the whammy bar, straddling the speakers as she wails over static. Blood Red Shoes are almost tame by comparison. The duo is here, with the help of a backing band, promoting their latest release Get Tragic.

Get Tragic by Blood Red Shoes. Blood Red Shoes on the web: Website | Facebook |. Release date: January 25, Label: Jazz Life. by Finn.

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Alternate Versions EP. Get Tragic. Blood Red Shoes. In Time To Voices. Fire Like This.

Official website of Brighton band Blood Red Shoes. Welcome.

Blood Red Shoes are an alternative rock duo from Brighton, England. They have released two full-length albums, Box of Secrets and Fire Like This , plus a slew of early singles on limited 7″ vinyl pressings. The band frequently distance themselves from current English guitar music and consider themselves to be a punk band, in ethos and attitude, if not in their immediate musical style.

Blood Red Shoes deal with themes of frustration, anger, alienation, boredom, doubt, psychosis, confusion, escape and ultimately the hope of freedom or change, in their lyrics. The band openly support anti-fascist campaigns such as Love Music Hate Racism , [3] contributing on the second CD of the LMHR compilation album with the track “Can’t Find the Door”, [4] and have also played the feminist festival Ladyfest in the past.

D “, and ” You Bring Me Down ” in The band have commented that although they have no issue with file sharing and downloading free music, having their debut album become available outside of their control and without the intended artwork and lyric booklet was a disappointment. Laura-Mary from the band has designed the record sleeve for every release by the band. They played a nine-date tour of the UK, [13] in support of the album, followed by dates across mainland Europe and Japan.

After their Autumn-Winter tour of , which covered over 12 countries, the band took a performance stop in the first months of to write songs for their next record. They began touring again in March , [14] introducing new songs at every gig, sometimes including unfinished songs or those without lyrics. They also contributed an instrumental track called “Carry Knots” on a compilation CD for Audioscope, in aid of the homeless charity Shelter , which was released in October On 25 November , the band made a new track, “Colours Fade”, available to download from their website.


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Blood Red Shoes – Box Of Secrets (Full Album)