Shopping Smart in NYC. What is Image Consulting? Image Consulting is a process of helping you present yourself in the best possible way, so that you look your best and make positive, authentic and memorable impressions on those people and situations you come in contact with as well as those you want to attract. If you are wanting to create success in your personal and professional life—appearance matters! Is it only about clothes? Your presentation is a dynamic combination of elements — consisting of clothes, accessories, grooming, color, body language, voice quality and attitude. For your most powerful presence, you want all these qualities working together. In this way, you send out a pleasing and attractive statement that helps you have the results you want in life.

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Elana Magen B. No, it is not just about clothes, it is about boosting your confidence, enhancing your figure, skin tone and hair colour and letting your personality shine through WITH your style. This is not a cookie cutter styling service, every woman should feel unique.

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In this service, we get you game ready, from assessing your profile pics, to create a current and confident style for your social world. When you are stepping out socially, your style can make all the difference to your confidence. Working together we will bring your ultimate style and image into reality. Ensuring you are set to make a winning impression out there, we remove the stress, time and shopping irritations that have been barriers to dressing well in the past.

If you feel you are not really working it to your full potential, I know exactly how to get you there, and in very little time. Come with me! We sit down for a consultation to establish where you are now with your dating style and image, and where you heart desires you to be. Together we look the images you are currently using for your dating apps, analysing what your clothing, grooming, and the overall story your photos are telling.

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PHONE: Hiring a personal matchmaker can be a pretty intensive experience, and frankly, not everyone needs it. We offer two main packages that all tie into a customized consulting package for each of our consulting clients. We are here to help you determine which package is right for you.

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Good professional photos will reveal your natural essence and personality. This is instrumental when dating. People are visual creatures so fantastic photos in your dating profile are a must. Our photographers will make you feel at ease and you may even enjoy your photo shoot! First impressions are extremely important. With confidence you will knock your date off their feet. We will get into your closet.

We will take you shopping. Together, we will create your personal brand that you will love. We will help you utilize your existing wardrobe to create fantastic outfits to create a winning style for your dates. If shopping is one of the additional services that you need then we will create the right look for you. In addition, our personal shoppers will help develop the perfect look. Are you having trouble getting to the second date?

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Often, how we think we are coming across is very different from reality. This can lead to matching with the wrong types of people, disappointing dates and wasting valuable time. Other times, people have profiles which are too serious, professional, silly or just not online dating ready. We will email you a brief questionnaire. Three of our experts will rate your profile based on uniqueness, intelligence, style, and datablity.

This is an informed introduction to dating fashion in Edwardian and WW1-era Professional fashion historian, image consultant, photo detective and portrait.

I have been through a personal journey of my own, therefore, I really understand how empowering a transformation can be. In the world of dating and relationship, image is everything. Your appearance is very important and plays a key role when it comes to new relationships and first dates. The first date can make or break is crucial to ensure a lasting first impression. So take control of that first impression. Wardrobe Personality — Our choice of clothes is influenced by a physical characteristics, bone structure, colouring and lifestyle.

Our personal style is determined by our inner personality. I will help you understand clearly your personality, help you develop a style of your own. Make-up Ladies — This hands-on make-up session will include basic make-up application and providing you with the basic knowledge on how to choose the correct make-up colour for your skin tone. Dating Etiquette — To give a favourable impression of yourself before, during and after the date, I will give you tips on appropriate dating etiquette to win over your affection and bring out the best in your date.

Learn the art of conversation and asking the right questions. Online Dating Profile Assessment — A picture is worth a 1, words!

Style isn’t Easy for men.

I recently did a survey to understand what people think of image consultants and was surprised to see that as much as people understand who fashion stylists are, many are not even aware that a profession such as an image consultant exists. In a world where perception is reality, it is important that we set the right first impression. An image consultant can work on either one, two or all pillars to improve your image —.

all tie into a customized dating consulting package for each of our consulting clients. You receive all the virtual matchmaking package services plus image.

Begin Your Training Today. With training available in Atlanta, London and Singapore from an experienced and highly accomplished faculty, you can get the best image consultant training from two masters in the industry all over the world. This image consultant training is truly world class. What are you waiting for? Your career as an image consultant is just a few clicks away.

Contact London Image Institute today and find out how fast you can get your certification in image consulting. With over 20 years of experience, London Image Institute is one of the most established and respected names in image consultant training. London Image Institute offers Image Consultant Training for passionate individuals, entrepreneurs, consultants and corporate trainers. Our program offers beginner level skills in the science of image, as well as advanced skills in seminar design, business and professional development.

The Institute has centers in Singapore, London and Atlanta. Hundreds of professional image consultants, worldwide, have graduated from our internationally recognized program. Click for details on this course. Contact us for more information. Watch more testimonials.

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We know how to generate the right kind of attention from the people you want to meet! Your time and energy is valuable. Your personal online dating coach will set you up for success, show you how to make the most out of your efforts, and turn online dating from tiring and frustrating into fun and successful! Our unique online dating coaching program has helped thousands of singles reach their goals of finding love. We take the time to really get to know each one of our clients.

The Image Consultant International Academy (TICIA) offers comprehensive Tea, Techno, Wedding, Dating, Funeral; Personality, Poise and Presence Training.

Showing up confidently and comfortably in every situation helps you naturally attract new and exciting opportunities. You have several important decisions to make on a daily basis; the last thing you need is the stress of deciding what to wear. Streamline your morning routine to show up looking classy and comfortable, no matter where your day takes you. When you look great, you feel great, giving you the confidence you need to outshine your competition and make important connections.

Investing in work attire that fits and flatters can help you reach your career goals faster — giving you a tangible return on the investment in yourself. Discover the difference personal image consutling can make in your day-to-day life. Personal Image Consulting is the perfect solution for:. Unique Styling Situations. Getting back in the game is no small feat these days. Start fresh and dress to impress.

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