Is a 30 year age difference too much ?

We are both legal adults. I am a 22 year old female and he is a 34 year old male. Ive never dated anyone that much older. But you know Hugh Jackman? Look I can tell you that one of my best friends started dating her now-husband when she was in school, he was 10 years older, she had her first child when she was 24 they married. Now she’s 30, they have 3 beautiful children and they’re very happy.

Does a 10 year age difference really matter in a relationship?

For example; if a girl is 15, whats the oldest guy she should date? At one point it becomes acceptable. And at what age does age not matter. Because you hear older people, for example a 27 year old girl dating a 35 year old guy. Thats considered acceptable isn’t it? That’s 8 years difference.

I kind of like this one girl and she likes me back but I am 18 and graduated but she is still in high school. I just don’t know if it would be a good.

My Grandma is 50 and my grandpa is 70 my mom is 35 and my dad is 47 my cousin is 18 and her boyfriend is My “friend” is 28 and his “girlfriend” is 19 four years is nothing. Just dont have sex with him : unless your ready that is. It’s okay when your above the age of 16 I believe. Because a 15 year old going out with a 19 year old is to faraway. Anything less than 16 should not date someone 4 years older.

Dating a shorter guy yahoo answers

When I was in eighth grade I had this major crush on a senior that went to my school. Back then I just thought it was some foolish feeling and that I only liked him because he was older and cute. Then when I was a freshman he would come to track races becuase he was on the track team the year before and he and I would sometimes talk on the trip there.

Now two years later I’m a 16 year old junior and he just turned 20 I ran into him again at Dunkin Donuts. When I saw him I knew instantly that I still felt the same way for him.

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Im with a guy who is ten years older then me. Does this reallly matter.. Inside he says he feels younger.. We get along great. Love is love and love has no boundaries. If you get along great and feel “right” being together, then age ought not come into conversation. If it’d been about 4 maybe even 5 I’d say know. But your not even 18 yet.

What age should a teenage girl start dating

Anyways this year olds sleep over party. Is who teenagers woman an 18 year old. Gender studies: 16 and i’d say this, 10 october dating: who verizon 6: 19 year old.

Dating an older guy yahoo answers – Want to meet eligible single man who answers such an older than 50 communities in todays modern age difference.

Not at all. I don’t even consider it an age gap. It’s more like a normal age difference. Why all the thumbs down for people who say it’s okay? I was 15 in and my then girlfriend was 17, we stayed together for almost six years. An extra year wouldn’t have been a difference in how it was successful for so long. And it wasn’t the age that broke us apart anyway. It was a disagreement about where we would live amongst other things.

And no, she wasn’t “taking advantage of a poor innocent kid”, I was the adult in the relationship so to speak from the getgo. Depends on how old you are. If you are 15 and the guy is 18, then yes 3 years is too much. If you are older than 18 then it is fine. I’m 29 and I date 19 year olds.

Is a 12 year age Difference too Much?

Can a woman who’s in her 50s date a guy who’s about half her age? Stark told one viewer on Twitter that the question “wouldn’t be asked if the man happened to be older than the woman”. He’s right that in heterosexual relationships, older man-younger woman is the stereotype we’re used to, and may be more likely to accept. But in either scenario, women can be judged harshly – and sometimes the man can’t escape some side-eye either.

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I’m very mature for my age, so it evens out between us. He just turned 17 end of march, and im turning 14 june tenth. BUT, next year i’ll be a freshman, and he’ll be a senior, so atleast well be in highschool together? It is an age gap because of your ages. In a year or how long it takes to turn 18 he won’t be aloud to kiss you or have any sexual contact without the risk of being charged. He’ll be looked down on, made fun of, and talked about.

It’ll also be more like babysitting then a relationship because you are at different points in your life. In a little while he be in university or college, and you’ll be in grade He’ll want more of a touchy relationship at SOME point – and I don’t think waiting 4 years is what he’s gonna want. Wouldn’t it be weird to be in public, people will think you guys are siblings – then when he acts all lovey-dovey he’ll get frowned upon!

And oh FYI; “keep in mind while answering this question that i am very mature for age and i hangout with older people It just means these people don’t mind being with a 14 year old – or they do and the only reason why they let you chill with them is because this guy has a crush on you. And forgive me, but from the way you worded it, it seems like you are going to these parties without your parents permission.

what is an acceptable age difference between a couple?

I’ve found from personal experience, in my early 20s, that dating someone much more than 10 years my senior presented some unique challenges. But there are generation types of differences. Life stages that we all go thru. Major life changes, which you should probably consider include: how important your career is to you is he making enough money for you to retire early so that you can retire together or are you prepared to work while he does his retirement?

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I just recently met a guy and we really like each other. I’m 18 and he’s Is this a really big age difference? I don’t see anything wrong with it, but I’m interested to know what others think. Six years it is not a big age gap. I know friends that have married a younger man by 5 – 6 years age difference and their marriage is great.

For a girl to be dating a guy who is older than her by 6 years it is OK as long as you are both compatible this is what really matters. No, that seems fine. By 18 you’re mature enough to handle someone older than you. Lol, now if the ages were say, 14 and 20, that would be a different story. Well if it was like 24 and 30, I wouldnt think its a big deal. It really isnt anyway in this case.

I know soeone dating a guy 20 years older then her , and for some reason i dont think thats wierd , cuz they just fit together and its so natural that its not even gross , idk , I dont think its a big deal at all , as long as he isnt some massive super Rat that wants you in bed like some jerk but yeah seriously , dont sweat it with the Age Gap hun :. At your age, it can be.

What is an acceptable age difference in teen dating?

I kind of like this one girl and she likes me back but I am 18 and graduated but she is still in high school. I just don’t know if it would be a good idea to ask her out or anything. Nick, there’s no such thing as ‘acceptable age difference’. It’s just a stupid concept invented by idiots.

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